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Whether you have a need for one of our services or for a complete project, we provide solutions for all of the following:



Our plastering (kisi) ensures that we leave your walls as straight as possible, allowing the painting process to be easy, for a flawless end result without visible lines.



Standard painting with the use of any colours and also feature painting either by means of specialised paint or design. Painting for exterior spaces and facades is also available with the inclusion of Graffiato or Silicato.


False Ceilings

Whether for aesthetic purposes or to hide ducting and wiring, false ceilings are an ideal way to create a modern space and divide lighting freely. As APTC's speciality, false ceilings or soffits can be designed as far as the imagination stretches. Bulkheads, children's features, gypsum to hide curtain rails, curved designs; however you choose to add that special touch.



Partitions can serve both as room dividers and also as features in themselves. Using gypsum partitions allows you to save space internally compared with the usual thickness of bricks and also to separate already designed rooms with the use of a gypsum bookcase etc.



At APTC we help you to divide your lighting effectively to utilise the space to create an ambience. From commercial to domestic or interior to exterior, we can complete your lighting requirements. Should you prefer classic lighting, spotlights, rope lights or feature lights we not only provide you with ideas and consultation, but also have specialised workers for installation.



Sometimes a feature wall or structure can be the focal point of a house. We have experience in creating reception areas for the commercial industry, from bookcases to TV units, and even designed partitions. These features be the changing factor in a space and once again the possibilities are endless.



Insulating your home or business against the elements is of extreme importance. Insulation not only serves as a barrier for cold or heat, but it also helps you reduce consumption to achieve that comfortable temperature by other means.


Electrical & Plumbing

With specialised members of our team we can offer complete installation, redirection or renewing of electrical and plumbing solutions. We can also cater for those clients who want additional luxuries such as underfloor heating or centralised electrical functions.



Whether tiling of floors, walls, facades or stairs, from mosaic to large slate, APTC can complete your area neatly and cost effectively. We also have services available for the laying of parquet and decking, also from mosaic to large slate.



Complete installation of bathrooms and also the removal of old bathrooms if required. From planning, to electrical, to plumbing, to tiling, to installation; APTC will transform your bathroom into a space of relaxation.

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